April 26, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hello! its been a few days since i actually posted something – i hope you enjoyed the barry/jen pics – i so plan to have a quicktime video soon! – but i slaved over the site – cleaned it up – made some font changes – and still doing tiny tweaking – the site is a visual godsend on the mac (in my own twisted eyes!) – and its about 97% there on the pc – im sorry i know PCs are all the rage – but not just speaking as a web guy – simply as a computer user – the mac is more simple – elegant – clean – and just overall a better computer experience – and that’s that on that!

oh where to begin – where do i start? since its monday and im easing into the week – expect idol news tomorrow – BUT i have picked out a program that might be worth catching

family plots

a new reality show on A&E – that follows the lives of a family in san diego that run a real life mortuary! sounds gruesome doesn’t it – but i found myself oddly fascinated and entertained of all the ups and downs of running a funeral home – its a bit more madcap than one would expect from a grim place like that – and i found myself sorta fgasping here and there – and there are three sisters at the heart of the show – and i loved the chemistry between these gals – after a long hard day at the funeral home – these sisters get dressed up and head out for a night in the town – all in a days work – you all must catch a glimpse of the show – its running constantly on A&E – and the promos/graphics/music are really quirky and fun – yes its a spin from six feet under – but a welcome one at that

visit the family plots website

PS this just in – cathy hilton – mom to heiress nicky/paris chicks – is going to do a reality show with NBC – lets call it the apprentice meets pygmalion/my fair lady – im so ready for this one – sure beat the whole stallone contender deal going down!

PSS much more to come this week including posts on – the reaturant – the swan – american idol – big post coming for the ending of the eight year long brilliant and gripping the practice – and finally the trouble barbara walters is cooking up for 20/20 – wait for the reality twist on this one! oh its a doozy! – we have entered a new era of reality…