Everyone loves celebs without makeup!

Everyone loves celebs without makeup!
October 15, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning! this week’s STAR magazine is featuring celebrities without makeup (can someone please decide whether makeup should be spelled as one or two words? it’s always different every place i see the term used) the folks on the cover this time around include reese witherspoon, jennifer lopez, tori spelling, and last but not least miley cyrus who looks like she’s sporting an elvis double chin – that’s an awful picture of her (plus keep in mind she’s only a teenager)

besides stars caught without their glamour face on – there’s more on jennifer aniston supposedly rekindling her romance with john mayer (gag me with a spoon (oysters, candles, & kisses – ugh!) we all know she’s hard up but jen can do better than him!) plus we’ve got drama for jamie lynn spears who is apparently busy spinning a web of baby mamma lies (i swear if she’s pregnant again…that’s totally crazy)

last but not least – maureen mccormick better known as ‘marcia brady’ has a new book out called here’s the story in which she opens up about being a big time cocaine addict along with her dates with michael jackson and almost having sex with her brother ‘greg brady’ (played by actor barry williams) i do adore the brady bunch but who really cares what happened like more than thirty years ago – it’s water under the bridge i say – i guess at least ms. mccormick got paid – we certainly don’t want to see ms. marcia being ‘broke broke broke!’ popbytes over & out for now…xoxo