Everybody hates Tila Tequila!

Everybody hates Tila Tequila!
October 27, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

And now, for your daily “What in the fucking fuck?” fix: Tila Tequila arrived two hours late to her own birthday party (what a thoughtful young woman she is) to other night, only to be met with signs calling her a rapist and a pathological liar, and then the paparazzi started asking her if she ever kidnapped anyone. Oh, and Michael Lohan was there for some reason. Yeah, that sounds right actually.

When paps asked the former reality TV star if “she had ever kidnapped anyone?”, and if she had “threatened to kill someone this week?” (Seriously – they asked that!) a confused looking Tila simply responded, “Me … I don’t know.” Later when she left the restaurant with pals Michael Lohan and girlfriend Kate Major, paps once asked Tila about “rumors involving some kidnap thing”, to which Tila responded, “I don’t know what’s going on with that.” She then proceeded to flip off her “haters”. SOURCE

If this were anyone else, I’d probably be really confused and feel really bad for them. But then I remember this is Tila Tequila, and the only thing that confuses me is that, for a birthday party for a woman who’d probably go down on you for a bottle of cough syrup and a Diet Coke, there was a surprising lack of bestiality and dead hookers at her party. Hell, you’d think Michael Lohan would have had a spare dead hooker in the trunk of his car or something, but noooooooo. Way to drop the ball, Lohan.