even my dog wants to see lily allen!

even my dog wants to see lily allen!
October 14, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

UPDATE thanks to a very cool person i’m going to see the show tonight! no worries i’ll for sure be posting about the show – i am beyond stoked! woo hoo!

hey hey everyone! ok i never get crazy when seeking out tickets for shows but gosh i’m about ready to do anything to see lily allen in her first ever LA show tonight down at the troubadour! even one of my dogs fidel is dying to go to the show…he is a huge lily fan (my other dog parker was being grouchy when i tried to snap his pic with the CD)

anyways if anyone is reading this that can possibly help me score one ticket – i would be forever indebted to you! the tickets are beyond scarce (yes i’ve been on craigslist) so this is one last ditch attempt to see ms. allen tonight! my good pal victoria (the very same gal who first turned me onto lily in the first place – bless her heart for that!) saw her the other night in NYC where lily played a small set at hiro! you can read more about that at what became of the likely broads! well i’ve kinda resigned myself to missing the show tonight but i do know she’ll be back in a few months when her album alright, still… finally gets a much deserved domestic release (i believe on jan 30th) if anyone has any info on tonight please do email me at mk@popbytes.com plus i’ve got my pal victoria on the case as well! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!