enrique iglesias goes naked water skiing

enrique iglesias goes naked water skiing
August 5, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Enrique Iglesias, who’s sort of like the poor, straight man’s Ricky Martin, made a bet a little while ago that if Spain were to win the World Cup, he would go water skiing completely naked. Well, Spain won, and wouldn’t you know it, the world now has grainy, shaky nighttime footage of the singer skiing sans clothing.

Sources close to Iglesias … and his situation … tell us Enrique did the naked run just a few days ago … “at the end of July” … telling us the singer wanted to do it because, “A bet is a bet.”

Enrique’s people wouldn’t officially confirm the skinny ski trip … but they did tell us, “We do not manage Enrique’s personal time schedule but we do know he was in Miami the last week of July.” SOURCE

Just for shits and giggles, I was going to include said video, but to be honest with you, you honestly can’t see a goddamn thing. Well, that and I couldn’t get the code for it (Thanks, TMZ. Hmph.) Seriously, if anyone can make out even the barest glimpse of peen in all of this, then you obviously have some sort of X-Ray super vision!