elliott smith new album

elliott smith new album
October 20, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey all – ok the rain has stopped in LA – its kinda shocking how the rain just paralyzes us! cathy at work likened los angles to one big banana peel when wet – so true – i almost slipped a number of times – and i dont even own an umbrella! far change from my days in what seemed always wet NYC – so let’s get this post on the road…


a good update on one of popbytes all-time favorites – melissa etheridge was recently diagnosed with
breast cancer – she is recovering from surgery – and is doing well- i have all of her albums (and
was lucky enough to see her in concert) – and she is a true musical rock & roll great (really she is a top popbytes musical pick)- so i just
wanted to give a special shout out from popbytes to melissa to get well – we hear yr gal tammy is
taking great care of you – so yr in my thoughts – and i know you will be fine and rocking on soon –
as always!
elliott smith has a new posthumous release out – from a basement on the hill was scraped together
from recordings and demos before his death – it is a great album although quite eerie and sad – elliott committed suicide about a year ago – if you remember he was
nominated for an oscar for best song for ‘good will hunting’ – and also dated minnie driver – a great
musician – it’s quite sad we won’t hear more of his haunting rock/ballad alternative tunes – for sure a
recommended check out along with his previous albums figure 8 and XO – elliott you are quite missed…
oh popbytes is still catching up on his movies as tv eats most of my waking hours – but i did manage to
catch tom cruise in ‘the last samurai’ – a long one at about 2 and a half hours – but i actually was
pleasantly surprised – and although i was sleepy i remained awake for the entire film – full of
action as well as an intriguing look at life of the samurais in japan in the 1800’s was well worth my time as
well as hunky gorgeous tom cruise – so if you haven’t you may want to check it out (a little bit of romance
helps too!)

ps – oh my word – i hope you all caught the premiere last night of THE BIGGEST LOSER – it was a hoot – and quite good – two teams went up against each other – each team vying to lose the most weight combined – the red team lost 19 more pounds than the blue team – so the poor blues had to vote off a team member (the ‘skinny’ blonde girl left but she is sticking to her diet so dont fret!) – i really liked this show – and the theme song was the latest hot new single from ms. rupaul herself – lookin’ good & feelin’ gorgeous…popbytes high/dry & out in los angeles!