Elizabeth Berkley paid homage to Jessie Spano!

Elizabeth Berkley paid homage to Jessie Spano!
October 15, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Elizabeth Berkley

I’m guessing whoever’s in charge of casting for ABC’s Dancing With The Stars hates the internet, because between Bill Nye The Science Guy and Elizabeth Berkley, it’s like they’re actively trying to explode the web. Case in point, here’s Elizabeth dancing the jive to “I’m So Excited,” which is a callback to that one episode of Saved By The Bell with the caffeine pills that was a stand-in for … I’m guessing cocaine? That sounds about right. Anyway, her performance is great, although if she had to revisit an infamous dance from her past, I was thinking of that scene from 1995’s Showgirls where that one bitch throws pearls on the stage and trips the other bitch. That movie was messed up.

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