Elephants never forget … to attack Kim Kardashian

Elephants never forget … to attack Kim Kardashian
April 1, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Kim Kardashian

So apparently, Kim Kardashian and her swarm of off-shoots are off on a trip through Thailand or something like that to film new episodes for their show. So of course, their first instinct is going to be to take selfies of themselves with anything that even remotely has to do with Thailand, including elephants! Except even elephants know a sh!tty attention whore when they see one, and when Kim tried to get a selfie with one, it apparently attacked her. Or maybe it was trying to mate with her, who knows? Us Weekly reports…

Thailand has really blown Kim Kardashian away! The social media-happy reality star, 33, got a rude awakening on Friday, March 28 when she tried to take a bikini selfie with a local elephant. As she smiled for the picture with the elephant behind her, the animal blew air out of its trunk and onto Kardashian’s hair, causing her to panic and run away from the blast. Obviously, she wasn’t hurt, just startled, but the hilarious photographs of the event are likely to start plenty of comical GIFs and Internet memes.

You know you’ve officially worn out your welcome when even non-human beings are getting tired of your whiny-ass narcissism. Seriously, elephants are the nicest creatures in the world, to the point where the only way Disney could have made them cuter was to make one that flies. And you’ve ruined its good mood by trying to whore around a picture of yourself with it. For shame. And I mean really, taking a selfie with an elephant? To paraphrase Lucille Bluth, it’s an elephant and you don’t want to invite comparisons.

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