dreamgirls & me – tonight!

dreamgirls & me – tonight!
December 15, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning everybody! oh yes it’s friday which means new movies – and tonight (along with my good pal ms. joey) i’m beyond excited to finally see dreamgirls! i’ve been trying not to pump myself up too much but at this point i simply can’t wait for tonight! the film opens officially on xmas day but is playing for the next ten days in limited release…which actually means expensive release! i paid $25 for my ticket to see the film at the arclight cinemas (it’s playing in the dome) here in hollywood! i think you get a souvenir program & a lithograph but still that’s a lot for a movie – but then again this isn’t just any movie! oh i’ve been thinking about this film for months now – i hope i’m not disappointed!

yet with all this talk of jennifer hudson & beyonce we can’t forget the original ‘dreamgirl’ – ms. jennifer holliday who won a tony for her performance in 1982 as ‘effie white’ (now played by hudson) but as of late is feeling tossed aside – you must read this amazing article that was published in the los angeles times earlier this week about ms. holliday and if you haven’t seen her performance at the tony awards you must watch it! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!