OMG, you guys, Drake and Rihanna were holding hands!

OMG, you guys, Drake and Rihanna were holding hands!
March 12, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Drake and Rihanna

So you guys remember how Drake and Rihanna performed together in Paris and everyone thought they were together? Well you will NOT. F*CKING. BELIEVE IT because today they were just caught totes holding hands, and according to Alexandra M. from Ms. Newbury’s American History 101 class, that totally means they’re going steady. I KNOW! I KNOW! Can you even believe it? TMZ totally says it’s true!

Rihanna and Drake are doing it! And by doing it we mean this is the first video of them holding hands. Drake had performed earlier Tuesday night and had an after-party at Club Entourage in Manchester England, when a photog got the first real romantic shot of the duo. They went to a bowling alley after and stayed til 4 AM. We’re told they rented out the entire joint.

Except Alexandra M. is saying that they’re totally not serious, and even they were they would never last because they’re going to be apart for Spring Break, but Alexandra M. is just jealous because she and Drake dated back in eighth grade and he dumped her after two weeks and she never got over it and apparently she threw a rock through house’s window and his parents called the cops and she got in so much sh!t for it and I CAN’T HANDLE ALL THIS DRAMA YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY. NOBODY HAS IT HARDER THAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.

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