don johnson buys groceries!

don johnson buys groceries!
April 21, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

gosh i so enjoy very random sightings in places you might least expect to spot a celeb – so tonight after work i had to head to ralphs grocery store – for some reason who knows why…i wanted to go to the biggest one in the area down on 3rd & labrea – normally i just do ‘rock n roll’ ralphs on sunset but something told me deep down inside i should head down to 3rd…

so i gathered my few small grocery items i needed for tonight (like some red wine…) & i headed to checkout and mind you there were many lines open but somehow i managed to pick a line and i quickly realized i am only one person behind legendary actor & superstar don johnson! oh my goodness! i immediately recognized him – he was in a dark blue suit with sunglasses but there was NO mistaking him – he was with his small blonde haired son – and even apologized to the line when his card wasn’t swiping so well – we were all like – oh that’s ok…

i so wanted to ask him what he thought about the upcoming miami vice movie but the grocery store just isn’t the place to do that sorta thing and i so know how to keep my cool – my camera was in the car but who could bear to whip that out in the store – plus i bet ralphs wouldn’t like it either…anyways it was really fun to spot him – so random – i love it! he did look good – but damn when he was younger he was like the hottest thing ever…just check out the pics below – look at him with a VERY young melanie griffith – oh what a day it has been but overall was very good day – wink wink to a certain special friend…mwahahahaha…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!