does madonna regret divorcing guy ritchie?

does madonna regret divorcing guy ritchie?
August 9, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! so it sounds like madonna might actually be regretting divorcing her hubby of eight years guy ritchie – especially after seeing pictures of mr. ritchie partying with 18-year-old twin girls over in sardinia (as reported by britain’s now magazine) whether this is all true i have zero clue but i do think madge made a terrible decision when she decided to end her marriage – i always thought they made a great couple but i guess girlfriend needed a change of pace (let’s call it her seven-year itch) which she got by doing it with both baseballer alex rodriguez (who’s now banging serial dater kate hudson) and with brazilian model jesus luz (i’ll bet that’s one fine piece of ass she has no regrets about at all … although apparently madonna’s daughter lourdes (12) thinks her mom is acting like a ‘ridiculous old woman’ for cavorting around with mr. luz!) now that her sticky & sweet tour is almost over – perhaps she got all the partying out of her system – and now maybe she’s thinking she should have stayed with guy and tried to work things out – and let’s not forget they do share kids together! at least the former couple is being civil to each other (unlike a few months ago) plus there’s a rumor the family could be spending the holidays together (but that’s like five months away) i’d love to see ’em reunite – i won’t hold my breathe however i wouldn’t be surprised at all if down that road that’s what ends up happening … i mean really – who else is able to put up with her for any length of time? (would guy even want her back – that’s the bigger question!) popbytes over & out for now … xoxo