do it well – poker face remix

do it well – poker face remix
November 5, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning everyone! i’m going to continue to be a broken record when it comes to jennifer lopez‘s latest album brave – i know it is not selling well at all but gosh i just freakin’ love it – i can’t believe how much i actually enjoy it! of course it’s not the most original or groundbreaking album but gosh it’s so much fun! i’m hoping with a few more singles released the album will pick up some steam & attention! (if her label can afford to release another single (since apparently ‘jenny from the block’ is a big expense) it must be mile in these shoes) below i’ve got a remix of do it well which is managing to pick up my pop spirits on this rather dreary monday – i could easily sleep more yet i’ve got to move on and start to deal with today – oh good times! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo! (oh btw – ms. lopez’s tour w/ hubby marc anthony has ended and this past weekend in miami – her baby bump was very noticeable during her final performances!)

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