Dionne Bromfield’s ‘Yeah Right’ (with Diggy Simmons)

Dionne Bromfield’s ‘Yeah Right’ (with Diggy Simmons)
February 6, 2011 MICHAEL KNUDSEN
Dionne Bromfield

I’ve posted about Dionne Bromfield before here on PopBytes, she’s Amy Winehouse‘s goddaughter and happens to have tons of talent at the tender age of fifteen (her birthday was just a couple of days ago). Her debut album Introducing Dionne Bromfield was a bunch of covers (vintage soul music / 60s girl groups) and was the first release from Ms. Winehouse’s Lioness Records label which I totally loved and now Dionne is back with her second album called Good For The Soul. The first single is an original song called Yeah Right and features Diggy Simmons (son of Reverend Run), watch the music video below, it’s super fabulous! I wish Amy would release some new music but I’m not holding my breath anymore, her last (Grammy-winning) album Back To Black was released five years ago! At least she’s still involved with Dionne’s burgeoning music career, this girl is going places without a doubt!

Dionne Bromfield - Yeah Right