Dina Lohan is ready to ruin her third child!

Dina Lohan is ready to ruin her third child!
November 16, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

With Lindsay Lohan in rehab while her career is on life-support, and Ali Lohan still stuck in D-list obscurity, Dina Lohan has decided that it’s high-time she started pimping out her third meal ticket son, Michael Lohan Jr., by sticking him in a movie about privileged white kids who become heroin addicts. The irony of all of this is so rich, thick and delicious, I’m going to go drizzle it over my Eggos.

Defiant Pictures is set to start production on a movie called “Growing Defiant.” The film will start shooting in early 2011 and will star Michael Lohan Jr. According to the company, the movie “tells the story of three life long friends from upper middle class Long Island, who delve into the underworlds of heroin.” We’re told Dina is “really excited to tell this story.” SOURCE

This totally makes sense, because clearly she already managed to turn two of her children into emotionally crippled starlets by forcing them into the limelight so that she could live vicariously through them, so why not go for the hat-trick? And while we’re at it, we’ll just drop any pretense that the third time’s the charm by making his first movie about heroin addiction. This couldn’t be any more foreshadowed if Michael were to walk around with a sign saying “I’m going to die of a drug overdose before I turn 30 and it will be my mother’s fault.”