Did Robyn just diss Katy Perry?

Did Robyn just diss Katy Perry?
February 7, 2011 JEREMY FEIST
Robyn and Katy Perry

By now you’ve probably heard that Robyn is going to be touring with Katy Perry (and if you happen to be gay, chances are you just shat fabulous, rainbow bricks. I know I have!) In an interview with Time Out New York, the subject of what she thought of her soon-to-be touring buddy came up, at which point Robyn jumped ship faster than you can say “Stupid fucking cupcake bra”.

You’re opening for Katy Perry this summer—how did that happen?
I was asked by her to do it and thought it was a good way of getting to know her audience. It’s bigger than mine. [Laughs]

And are you a fan of hers?
You know what? I have to go now. [Giggles]

Yeah! I do. But it’s nice to talk to you. SOURCE

Before anyone gets any funny ideas, she HAD to leave. Specifically because if she contemplated for a second the fact that she’s opening for Katy Perry, she’d probably spend the rest of her day crying in the shower. Seriously people, what the eff? Making Robyn open for Katy is like serving someone a steak then following it up with Kraft Dinner. Not that they aren’t both good in their own ways, but they just don’t work together.

Robyn and Katy Perry