did angelina walk in on brad & jen?

good morning! of course it was bound to happen once again … surprise surprise … angelina jolie, brad pitt and jennifer aniston are all being featured on the cover of this week’s STAR magazine (with the claim angie walked in on brad & jen (talking on the phone) which apparently sparked an explosive confrontation – good times!) this scandalous triumvirate is certainly no stranger to constantly being a target of rumors and hearsay – there must still be intense interest surrounding the drummed up drama between all of the parties involved – otherwise the magazine wouldn’t be so focused on them! i was racking my brain to say something about the situation that i haven’t said before – but i drew a big fat blank – i’m literally at a loss for words when it comes to brangelina and ms. aniston – i hope eventually their gossip flame will be passed onto another scandal – this one just makes me yawn!

Earlier this month, Brad was in the kitchen of the family’s rented Long Island, N.Y., manse after all six kids had gone to sleep when — surprise! — Angie came home from the set of her movie Salt hours earlier than expected, and he was busted talking on the phone to his ex-wife.

“Angie totally flipped out,” a family insider tells Star. “She slammed her hand on the counter and stormed out of the room.” Brad quickly hung up with Jen and ran after his livid lover – who an insider says felt “betrayed and disgusted” – but the battle was only beginning. SOURCE

the main thing i’m interested in hearing some more about is located in the lower left-hand corner … yet another miss california (aka carrie prejean) scandal – this one involving her mother’s supposed gay affair … maybe she kissed a girl and liked it! (i can’t believe i just referenced katy perry – who annoys the crap out of me but her lame lyrics worked perfectly here) as soon as more details ‘come out’ on this situation – i’ll make sure to add ‘em onto this post! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

PS the details are now in on carrie prejean’s mom…

brad pitt, diane kruger, quentin tarantino
brad pitt
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brad pitt
brad pitt, diane kruger, quentin tarantino
brad pitt


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  • Needy

    BS.. Like Brad will leave his kids and the most beautiful woman for the pathetic Jen

  • bored

    When will star ragazine finally let this story go? It’s so obviously fake, Brad, Angelina and Jen moved on with their lives YEARS ago. There is no contact between Brad and Jen. It really is BORING the way gossiprags are these days.

  • esmeralda

    I mean, seriously what does Angelina expect??? She made Brad and jen divorce and she expects brad to be 100% loyal? lol

  • riri

    angelina deserves to be left seriously…i still believe brad and jen will be reunited in love…just wait and see

  • kendra

    Riri is a dicksucking bitch!

  • joy

    Kendra, I think you’re referring to angelina and to yourself. It just shows Angelina’s fans have no breeding and morals, exactly just like her.

  • monique62

    two wrongs doesn’t make it right. i’m glad to know that brad is still in touch with jen. angelina has no morals at all and i don’t care how many people approve of their relationship. angelina will lose at the end. JEN, WE LOVE YOU!

  • Melessa

    why do people blame angelina? im not defending her because i like her, in fact i think shes pretty disgusting on several levels, but brad cheated on and left jen. so what if angie flirted with him and plotted or whatever the hell is being said. HEs the one who went for the bait. lots of people in relationships get hit on. if you love and care for your partner, you dont get with the other person. simple as that.

  • felicia

    What do you win when you seduce a married man away? Yea! You win a man who would cheat on his wife. AWESOME PRIZE.

  • http://www.xn--burunestetii-nyb.net burun estetiği

    I love angelina more than brad. I want her to be happy…