Did Kim Kardashian wax North West’s eyebrows?

Did Kim Kardashian wax North West’s eyebrows?
December 17, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

North West

A few of you might remember this, but earlier this year Farrah Abraham waxed her infant daughter’s eyebrows because this is the same woman behind the marketing campaign for Backdoor Teen Mom. Thinking is not her strong suit. Anyway, Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her fame baby, North West, on Instagram today, and now people are accusing her of waxing North’s eyebrows because GAWD DAMN. Look at those things. No baby has brows that look like that, especially when your parents are Kanye West and an Armenian wolf demon. The only other explanation is that Kim is putting makeup on her baby, which — actually, no, now that I hear it that sounds like the most logical answer. Kim puts makeup on her baby for vanity reasons. Case closed.


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