diana ross does westlife!?!

diana ross does westlife!?!
October 29, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh lordy – this is so wrong and so weird – so remember that irish boy band westlife – well yeah they are still around after almost 7 years! – the four boys are releasing a new album this week in the UK (sorry no US release needed) called face to face (the first single is ‘you raise me up’ – there was no need to cover this song) – so i am looking at my sneak preview copy – and i notice that our poor diana ross got roped into doing a song with them (and is to be their second single release) – who knows the hell why?!? this is way too random – oh that diana…oh ms. ross!

gosh diana was the best – i still love listening to the supremes – but she was never really able to transition into older yet classy & kicking diva-dom – like let’s say tina turner, or even cher for that matter – and now with this westlife duet – i say & know it’s all downhill from here and has been for quite sometime (drunk driving in AZ?) but thanks for the memories ms. ross – we still do love you but i just had to post this – it’s all too sad – anyways popbytes out for now! xxoo

» listen to westlife & diana ross sing when you tell me that you love me LINK REMOVED