denise & richie – new paris pics!

denise & richie – new paris pics!

oh my word just look at these two – yucky yuckerson! below are some of the latest pics of denise richards & richie sambora featured in STAR spreading themselves all over paris! makes me wonder what else they are spreading! gosh this couple so makes me so ill – i usually don’t take such strong sides in stuff like this but i am ‘team heather’ all the way…

supposedly richie called denise on june 4th from europe and told her my life is empty without you… and on that note she up and ran off to be with him in paris! she apparently told her mom that she needed to ‘follow her heart’ (ugh) and asked grandma richards to stay with her girls sam & lola (again)…

denise hopped aboard a first class air france flight (think 9k) to meet richie in the city of lights & romance (mind you paris is where he wed locklear in ’94) and then her plan was to travel with sambora & the band (who is rumored to not get along with ms. richards) to england for a june 7th bon jovi show in coventry…gosh i love how her whole focus was to be her girls but she just can’t help herself from running off to meet sambora! i so hope their romance crashes & burns – i think it’s bound too! oh and do make sure to get your copy of STAR for more paris pics along with more details of their trip…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!