demi moore doth bitch too much!

demi moore doth bitch too much!
July 28, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Demi Moore, our lady of the perpetual missing hip, wants you to know all about her new diet (which she is in no way being paid to endorse … probably) the Clean Program! Oh, and if you don’t agree with her diet, she will fucking cut you. But don’t worry, because it’s all about the health you guys!

When one of Demi’s followers politely said she was not interested in the Clean Program because “healthy diet & exercise are all that’s required,” Demi got defensive. “@chazzyb31 I think you need to research what it is I am doing there is no starving involved! It is all about nourishing the body!” she tweeted. And: “@ElenorRigby yeah I think she doesn’t know what she is talking about!” SOURCE

Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to pester a hungry Demi Moore? Christ, this chazzyb31 gal might want to go into hiding before a malnourished Demi shows up at her door with a fork, a bib and a bottle of A.1. Steaksauce.

Demi: “Ashton, bring me another rack of Chaz, I grow famished!”
Ashton: “Can I have my career back, now?”
Demi: “Less talky, more Chazzy.”