David Duchovny in ‘Californication’

good evening! who else out there has a crush on mega cutie david duchovny?!? (of course everyone misses the x-files…what a great show that was!) i’m super excited for david’s return to television (finally!) this august (13th to be exact) on the new showtime series californication – i swear that network has been pulling out some great shows – i can’t wait for the new seasons of dexter & weeds too! there’s now a preview of the californication posted below! i love the bit where his daughter is concerned the ‘lady’ in daddy’s bedroom who has no hair down below – ha! (she’s rocking the bare beaver look i suppose) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

sophisticated and unique, this comedy centers on novelist hank moody (duchovny) who struggles to raise his 13-year-old daughter (madeleine martin), while still carrying a torch for his ex-girlfriend karen (mcelhone). his obsession with truth-telling and self-destructive behavior – drinks, drugs & relationships – are both destroying and enriching his career…

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  • vivre

    God, used to love DD til my boyfriend actually got soo jealous of him and forbid me to watch X-files if he was around. Always wondered what could have been if he and scully ever get down dirty on the show… heh..I’d prolly be jealous as heck.
    Can’t wait for this show and need to check it out if he still has it.

  • kim

    i think that i hope that dd should be in more movies and that would make the moves i see a lot better.

  • G. Marie

    Well…looks intriguing. I guess I should subscribe to Showtime right away!!! A little soft porn never hurt anyone!!

  • Michele

    I love David. He is my favorite actor. I hear there is going to be another X-Files movie maybe next year. Hope all of the characters in the series are in it, even the ones that died. I’m sure there’s a way that Chris Carter can bring them back,even though they “died” on the X-Files. From Michele, in Texas

  • warren

    good pilot very funny ,any 1 know who was singing rocket man at the end ?

  • Muna

    i love this man. he is gorgeous and his voice is phemomenal. i have had a terrible crush on him eversince i realized he looks a lot like my husband. my husband never denied this but is somewhat weary of my crush. he says he is a bad actor. but my husband liked x files but he doesn’t watch any of David’s films. i can understand. when my daughter was two she saw me looking at a picture of dd on the computer and said “Mahi” which is what she calls her dad.
    the older he gets the better he looks. i haven’t even seen Trust the Man yet because i live in a country it has not been released in. i will have to wait till it comes on cable. we don’t get show time either.

  • TR

    I just watched the first episode and it was pretty good! He fits the role well and the supporting female cast is hot!

  • greg

    agree with TR
    thumbs up. i hope the show isnt going to be cancelled any time soon because i think that the producers know what theyre doing

  • greg

    although i think the name is a bad choice, of both the series and especially duchovny’s character but maybe thats just me

  • Xmeromotu

    The Rocket Man cover at the end of the Californication Pilot seems to be the one by “My Morning Jacket” from their 2004 album, “Early Recordings, Chapter 1: The Sandworm Cometh.”

  • Sophie Mansell

    I think DD is soooooooooo HOT!!! He really needed some more romantic scenes tjo coz i think he could have done them really well. Gillian Anderson would have worked really well with him and the whole concept of romance!! Lets just hope sum1 making the new film reads this and gets some good ideas!!!

  • Val

    UAU…The name says it all!! These “Californication” series are perfect for DD…He’s feeling right at home..if this goes on, he will see all the “cream” of Hollywood naked…Hallelujah David and congratulations ’cause you are about to be considered the “sex god”…Now, i’m starting to like your ideas, your brilliant schemes! I guess that the only thing missing on the show (hope not) is the one and only…Gillian Anderson..She only said that it would be weird..but we know she wants it! By the way, I hope DD doesn’t forget to include on the show his fabulous wife and actress Tea Leoni… Keep up the great work DD.

  • Sherlia Aziz

    David David David when do we get to see the X FILES
    i have a friend that is absolutely besotted with you and now I get why.

  • tea

    Why is it that every american guy cheats on their wife
    and then makes an excuse that its an addiction.

  • sarah plain

    Is Hollywood with its lack of morals and family values
    and excessively liberal values
    the reason that the Republicans will be in power for eternity.

  • secret celeb

    Wives making excuses for their spouses bad behaviour
    this is 2008 what about equality for women
    if your husband cheats why should you stick up for him
    the more a woman sticks up for her spouse the
    more he is going to do it.
    David stop making excuses for being a REALLY