darren hayes returns with a new album!

darren hayes returns with a new album!
August 8, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my gosh – what a day i’ve had! i’ve been stressed out on a number of fronts – too much to get into on here but i swear one day i’m going to have a nervous breakdown – i still don’t know how to say no – plus i always go above & beyond of what is expected of me – oh my word that gets so tiring after awhile! (besides everyone tells me i’m way too nice – i’m starting to feel a bitchy streak coming down my pop pike…)

anyways i wanted to bring your attention to cutie & openly gay australian singer darren hayes (join him on myspace) who was once part of pop duo savage garden – he’s got a brand new double album (his 3rd solo outing) releasing on august 21st called this delicate thing we’ve made (although i always worry about people putting out double albums – it’s a bit over ambitious and has to be done right to really succeed as a ‘whole’ album…) the first single is called on the verge of something wonderful and honestly i really liked it when i first heard it (hence this post – i certainly don’t post about everything sent to me – i’d estimate that i post on about 5% of what is pitched to me – way too many people trying to get their ‘stuff’ posted these days!) you simply must watch the video below for mr. hayes’ new single (and ‘the world’s first supermodel’ aka janice dickinson makes an appearance…) it’s a great upbeat song and sometimes i do feel like i’m on the verge of something wonderful! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!