dancing and/or skating with celebs!

dancing and/or skating with celebs!
January 4, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh dancing or skating – take your pick – i would actually like to see shows like ‘sleeping with the stars,’ ‘doing drugs with the stars,’ or maybe the most appropriate for the moment ‘getting thin as a stick (or twig) with the stars’ – now all of those could be a lot of fun!

however i am really worried about our dear nicole richie – those latest pics are so sad – her bathing suit is falling off – the news has got to break very soon that something is indeed wrong with her – now i am skinny myself but not like she is – poor thing – i hope she can get the help she obviously needs – anyone who thinks she looks fine & healthy is so super wrong – the girl for sure has a problem – no doubt in my mind – we all don’t need to see another karen carpenter redo (god bless her beautiful soul)…so nicole please take care of yourself – popbytes is pulling for you!

anyways ABC is back for a second round of their hit show dancing with the stars – which premieres thursday night – it will be very interesting to see if this one hits like the last one did – i bet not – it was fun for a quick gimmick but i’m not sure it will be a guaranteed hit – but of course i will be tuning in – the one celeb i am pulling for is lisa rinna who i just adore – so do check it all out tomorrow…

and then over on FOX – we have a new series called skating with celebrities (premiering jan 18th) – which is your basic FOX rip-off – but this actually sounds more fun than dancing – especially since i can’t ice skate for shit – so it will be kinda fun to see all the slips & falls – i just hope nobody nails their face like that russian gal did – that looked like it fucking hurt bad! no worries – i will remind you all when the show airs in a little less than 3 weeks – moving on…i am out for now – rock & blog on! xxoo :)