crystal gayle still rockin’ her long hair!

good evening! i finally made it to the beach today but it was a little chilly for my taste and a drop overcast – i trekked all the way down very early in the morning to san diego to go to torrey pines state beach (a totally awesome beach) which was about a two hour drive down but like a 3.5 hour drive back – oh my gosh traffic on the I5 interstate was a total drag! the most color i got was on my right shoulder simply from driving! i think next time i’m going to try something a bit more local like malibu!
instead of the usual drama with britney spears (who is currently flushing her career down the toilet…) or lindsay lohan (who last i heard is cleaning her own toilet – oh the horror!) let’s check in with crystal gayle – my main childhood memory of her revolves around the super long hair she was always rockin’! plus who doesn’t agree that her mega hit don’t it make my brown eyes blue (a performance is posted below) is one of the best songs ever?!? tonight as i was doing a little research on ms. gayle – i found out that she’s loretta lynn‘s sister – maybe that’s something everybody already knows but not me – what a cool ass pair of sisters – my little pop discovery of the day! anyways both sisters are still doing their thing – and recently crystal was performing in las vegas – and guess what?!? her hair is still as long as ever! ok i do adore her but something about really long hair sorta freaks me out – does anyone else agree? i know it’s her novelty but i think it could be time for a haircut…

here’s a funny quick story (for me at least) since i’m feeling all ‘chatty cathy’ tonight (hello red wine!) in college my pal judee had really long hair – she asked me to cut off about an inch but i’m not very good at that sort of thing (don’t ever ask me to give you a trim) i cut it all uneven & messy – i had to keep cutting off more to make it even – i think subconsciously my feelings about long hair came up – before you know it her hair was like shoulder length! although she was kinda angry – it actually looked great and made her look thinner & younger! i hope that secretly deep down inside she loved it too! i have to check in with her (she’s in el paso texas) it has been years!

below is a recent picture of ms. gayle with her long hair plus an old cover of people magazine (june 5th ’78) which featured sisters crystal & loretta! plus the vintage video is pretty great of crystal singing her classic tune! thanks for bearing with me with this overly long post! although i don’t cover all the latest gossip – i hope you guys enjoy my editorial picks & commentary (which i often agonize over what to post on) i still can’t believe that next month (sept 12th) will mark popbytes’ 4th year! to be 100% honest – after doing this for so long it does become very tiring but seriously i wouldn’t give it up for anything! much love to all as always – popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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MK (Michael Knudsen) first started PopBytes back in September of 2003—while trying to make a website for his design portfolio, the site quickly turned into one of the premiere online destinations for all things pop culture! A native New Yorker, he currently resides in Los Angeles with his partner Ivan along with three dogs, three cats and three parrots. Follow him on Twitter @PopBytes.

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  • lis

    One of the reasons Popbytes is one of my favourite sites (with maybe 3 others) is that you don’t cover all the “standard” gossip.
    I go to one or two and I get everything that everybody is talking about .. then I go to a couple of ‘specialty’ blogs (like the CBB). You’ve always got something nobody else has! And I really like how often you have pictures you’ve taken! that’s so neat.
    Anyway, I love your site, keep up the good work :)

  • Angel Amitrano

    My mom used to always make me listen to these two and she made me watch their life story and it actually was really good – and insane things happened to them. I think it was called the coal miners daughter? Check it out!!
    And this is why i come here over other celeb trash sites too, because you cover this kind of stuff, and your red wine blurbs, your nuts, I love you!

  • Maldoror

    Blessings to you for posting something about Crystal Gayle. It’s SO refreshing to hear about someone who hasn’t changed for the worse! CG is deff a class act.

  • Stef

    i totally adore your site..and i love this post. my grandma is a totally country freak and loves crystal not Loretta so while I’ve know this sister thing it’s great to hear about it on a gossip site. I soo agree that the long hair is umm..odd..even as a little girl it totally WEIRDED me out lol..but she’s great and i LOVE that song…also i’d let you trim my hair i have many gay male friends..they are the most honest opinions you will ever get on how you actually look lol..keep up the great work. :)

  • Clementines

    Classy women last.. a looooooooooooooong time.

  • princess nobody

    She totally needs a new make-up artist though and it’s time to donate some hair to Locks of Love. Other than that, she is still rockin’. And who knew she was Loretta’s sister?! Holy coal miner’s daughter.

  • charles

    thank you for comments about Crystal. She is my all time favorite singer.
    I don’t agree on your comment about her hair, why wasting one of the most ever beautiful and long hair?
    She is more beautiful in real life than she may appear on stage now, at least what I think since having meeting her after concert in her UK tour, and ehr hair is just gorgeous.
    I would advise people to come and see her officiel website:
    or my fan site:
    and of crouse go to see her on stage, she has truely the lmost beautiful voice ever!

  • frank hajzus

    HI!, i ve been a bis fan of crystal gale. i would love to see avideo of her cutting off that super long,supper thick,super heavy hair to her chin in a blunt- cut. please e-mail me to discuss this event.

  • frank hajzus

    HI!. my E_MAIL is:

  • John G.

    I always thought the long, silky hair was super sexy! Certainly one of the most romantic singers of late 1970s through to the present. Her tearful voice always loaded with emotion whether she was expressing unending love or devasting heartbreak. A face like a movie star and a voice like an angel..sigh..

  • Dg Willimas

    Crystal baby, you still rock honey ! Keep it going !

  • Bob

    Crystal is white hot with her long hair at 57. She should never cut it. I wish that most women had long hair at her age. Men don’t get the short haircuts, which age and decrease the sensuality of many women prematurely.

  • http://Liberto456 Janie

    Crystal how long is your hair i am 38 yrs old and the last i messured my hair was about 3 1/2 ‘

  • http://none Tamara Cole

    You are very great to me.

  • Pat

    I think she is too old for all that long hair. but maybe she would’t be Crystal Gayle without it.

  • Viki

    Wow, I think her hair is still amazing. I love it! I say as long as it’s healthy, shiny, and doesn’t bear any resemblance to straw or cotton or wool, have it as long as you like. =)

  • kunefs

    please give me much photos your women long hair.
    thanks before

  • bill hall

    i would to see crystal get her head shave bald on a t v show

  • Bob

    I think it would be very sad if Crystal Gayle cut her hair short. I wish every 57 year old woman would wear long hair. There is no age limit to beauty. A short haircut on a woman over says to me “OLD”. Usually, anyway.

  • http://popbytes ken m.

    crystal gale is so beautiful, and is ageing like a fine wine .her husband is very,very,very lucky man…….