cruelty doesn’t fly with pamela anderson!

cruelty doesn’t fly with pamela anderson!
September 9, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! pamela anderson has teamed up again with her friends at PETA – this time for a new commercial (watch it below) set an airport using ms. anderson as a security screener – urging people not to wear animals – and fly cruelty free! joining her is andy dick, nina hagen and steve-o – who she helps strip down to his underwear! i know not everyone is a huge fan of the animal-loving organization and some of their tactics are questionable but i think they’re overall message is a good one and i do support ’em! (although i’m still not a vegetarian – i know shame on me … blame it on bacon!) although the commercial was deemed to racy for the CNN airport network – they’re hoping to get it on flights with more adventurous carries like virgin or jetblue! if you’re game you can sign a pledge on their website to not wear any animal skin! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

PS did you get a look at pam’s boyfriend jamie padgett? he’s kind of hot in a blue collar sort of way!

Fur comes from animals, including rabbits, foxes, minks, and chinchillas, who spend their short, miserable lives in cramped, filthy cages until they are slaughtered, or they are trapped and beaten to death in the wild.

Fur farmers and trappers often use the cheapest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gassing, bludgeoning, drowning, and poisoning. Many animals are still alive and able to feel pain when workers begin to rip the skin off their body.

Most leather produced and sold in the U.S. is made from the skins of cattle and calves, but leather is also made from horses, kangaroos, sheep, lambs, goats, and pigs. Kid goats may be boiled alive to make gloves, and the skins of unborn calves and lambs–some purposely aborted and others from slaughtered pregnant cows and ewes–are considered especially “luxurious.”

Other “exotic” animals, such as alligators, are factory-farmed for their skins too. Alligators are often kept in cramped tanks above ground before they are butchered at around the age of 2. On factory farms, they may be beaten to death with hammers and axes, sometimes remaining conscious and in agony for up to two hours after they are skinned.

When it comes to cruelty-free fashion, the rule is quite simple: don’t wear animals!