Crazy people <3 Jennifer Aniston!

Crazy people <3 Jennifer Aniston!
July 21, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

I think we can all agree that Jennifer Aniston is, if a little overexposed, at least a likable enough person. And then there are some who LIKE like Jennifer Aniston. And there there’s this one guy who drove across the country with I LOVE JENNIFER ANISTON on the side of his car, proclaiming that he and Jen were destined to be together forever. Oh Jennifer Aniston … Will you ever win?

A court has issued a temporary restraining order to Jennifer Aniston against a man who authorities say traveled cross-country in a delusional attempt to marry her. Court documents filed Tuesday in Santa Monica, Calif., say police detained Jason R. Peyton last week after finding him with a sharp object, duct tape and love notes to the “Friends” star. Authorities say he was stopped after spending days trying to find Aniston on Sunset Boulevard. SOURCE

Well, nothing completes a nice romantic evening like writing your sweetie a love note, tying her to a chair and sticking sharp objects into the object of your affection. Although to be fair, considering that I once went on a blind date with a lesbian, I really can’t point fingers.