Courtney Stodden is getting a reality show?

Courtney Stodden is getting a reality show?
August 23, 2011 JEREMY FEIST
Courtney Stodden

See? I wasn’t kidding when I said that Courtney Stodden, the SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD WHORE, and Doug Hutchison, the 51-YEAR-OLD MAN WHOSE MARRIAGE TO A MINOR IS IN NO WAY CREEPY, were basically the new Speidi. Because reality TV is, if nothing else, just one huge breeding ground for the absolute worst aspects of humanity, they’re both in talks to get their own show and even went on a morning talk show to prove that a 51-year-old sticking his penis in a sixteen-year-old is completely normal by using simple math.

“51 + 16 = love,” Doug told Australia’s The Morning Show was the secret of his successful marriage with his blonde bombshell wife by his side.

“51 + 16 = sexy love,” Courtney chimed in with her husband who is 35 years her senior.

“His face, of his body of his sexy hair!  Talk about seducing – he seduced me immediately. I knew off the bat that he was the one for me and that was it. When you find that one man you know you love, go for it!” SOURCE

Yes, 51 + 16 = sexy love. Or, you know, it equals 67. I guess when you’re a child prostitute you don’t really need to know math at that point. And I love how during their little interview, one of the straps on her shirt is down the entire time because I’m assuming she thinks it’s provocative when in reality it just makes her look like a prostitot who raided her daddy’s liquor cabinet in order to forget the fact that she has to like 51-year-old taint for the rest of her life.