courtney love lookin’ so fab!

courtney love lookin’ so fab!
April 19, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey my pop darlings! so here are some recent pics of my dear courtney love shopping – looking all cleaned up and is working that dress like nobody’s business! i so love it! below is a link to a video (totally NSFW) where courtney exposes her awesome set o’ tits during ‘big day out’ down under in australia while singing celebrity skin – i think this is circa 1999 and totally reminds me why i love this bitch in the first place – ms. love is beyond super fierce & raw – it almost hurts! (and don’t forget popbytes almost died – literally – during her concert @ roseland in NYC on may 19th ’99 – the crowd was insane (oh my ck) – hence the flaming heart tattoo at the back of my leg) i so can’t wait for her second solo album – the follow up to her brilliant america’s sweetheart – rock on people! popbytes out for now – xxoo!

PS how hot would a reality show with me & courtney be? i would call it saving whitney and i’m sure you can all imagine what the set-up might be like…one lone blogger & one rockstar gal back from the ‘edge’ team up to work on saving a beloved pop icon…i wonder if ms. love would be into it? could be so hot! yeah i know lately popbytes has kinda been a one trick (whitney) pony – but she needs our help!

» watch courtney love expose her tits while singing celebrity skin (.mov 24.4mb)