courtney love blogs about madonna…again

courtney love blogs about madonna…again
November 13, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning boys & girls! below i’ve got an excerpt of a new blog post from my darling courtney love which she posted to her myspace blog early this morning – she’s talking madonna again – saying she didn’t mean to slam madge a few weeks ago when on another blog post she said madonna is a great businesswoman, but come on, she is weak as an artist and we all know it…i like madge, but as a relevant musician, it’s a joke she’s singing from such a calculating, thought-out place all the time, it’s never from her gut or heart or intuition… in her usual rambling & messy writing style ms. love comes to the conclusion that she likes ‘everyone’ – i highly doubt that’s true but at least she’s trying to make nice – we don’t need bad blood between the two ladies although i don’t think we’ll see them having lunch together anytime soon! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

id i slam madonna? well i didnt mean to, i havent spokent o her in…. oh years- i did need to speak to her recently- about a shared situation but got my information elsewhere- shes very – well i dunno we probably think about the same thing of each other- when we think of each other. we have some mutual friends – a few actually- and stylists and whatnot- so i dunno – im friends with her manager- and always takke waht he says very seriously= idon think i d go so far as to say that i SLAMMED madonna- i dont generally slam anyone these days slagging people is for kids- and id ont believe in evil toungue- evil eye nonsense- you get what you give and thast my core belief so if i said i personally did not find much value as a rock musician in the msuical OUVRE of madonnas WORKS , there isnt much to INSPIRE me as a MUSICIAN in ROCK MUSIC of the lower fidelity authentic ( i spose that what it could be called) sort – slickness doest interest me much at this point- and theres alot of slickness in the POP MUSIC OUVRE, or it would not sell- i think shes had some fine producers and i like…well ive never really listened to her music to be honest- shes a nice person we have a faded but complex relationship to one another – and with time children a marriage all sorts of things relax in a person so i dont know- i dont think i salmmed her i think ipraised her business acumen- and her ability to not screw up a good thing- im far m,ore self destructive quite obviously and shit….were not even in the same category of MUSIC- were just bnoth quite famous so ive been told…….. in any case i like EVERYONE. read full blog post