courtney love – back on track!

courtney love – back on track!
March 23, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! it’s thursday! so we all know that popbytes practically worships the ground ms. courtney love walks on! she can be so fierce when she has her game together but it has been quite the messy past year for her…all those drug induced antics – courtrooms – rehab – probation – all the ups & the many downs…it looks like ms. love is finally heading in the right direction (but she may be a little broke – which is why she will probably sell 25% of the nirvana catalogue equaling a lot o’ cash flow)

so our darling rock & roll bitch is back in the studio working on her second solo album with amazing producer linda perry plus ex-pumpkin billy corgan may produce a few tracks! courtney’s last album america’s sweetheart didn’t fare so well but i still stand behind it 100% and love every song! but i will say courtney doesn’t need to be trolling around with kimberly stewart – there must be some other cooler gal to pal around with…check out a tired but lookin’ good courtney at LA fashion week below! popbytes over & out – xxoo!

PS i still am dying for ms. love to tackle the role of ‘lady macbeth’ in some dark twisted film adaptation of this often overlooked shakespeare classic – we have seen enough of hamlet – bring on macbeth – tis my favorite! just to hear courtney deliver the whole ‘out damn spot’ bit – how hot would that be? oh my goodness!

I don’t generally talk about what the songs are about, but I will say that in the gutters of this earth you can always find love. In the darkest alley and [during] the lowest moment there is always that thing that glitters just a little bit, no matter how twisted or deadly or violent. It’s there – magical and transformative. I’ve written a lot about that.courtney love on her new album