courtney love at the roxy – my review!

good evening y’all! i can’t believe i actually made it through the day (and i’ve got another concert tomorrow…dolores o’riordan) my headache has subsided and now as promised i’ve got a bit more info (along w/ some pics & a small bit of video) on courtney love‘s ‘secret’ show (sponsored by myspace) at the roxy last night! (a totally kick ass small venue – and where i first saw amy winehouse in person) i arrived around 10:30pm – lots of people outside mixed in with general sunset blvd craziness – luckily i bypassed the lines and went straight inside (through the side door) to claim my spot! i was only able to grab one drink (yes a whiskey sour – i’m a total pussy when it comes to liquor – i prefer red wine but you can never really trust wine at a bar – those bottom of the bottle tannins will get you everytime!)

of course the main floor was totally packed but thankfully i was able to wedge myself front & center with only a few people in front of me! i quickly sucked down my drink which did give me a slight buzz right before ms. love took the stage around 11pm – the curtains lifted and there my rock goddess was – with a lit cigarette already hanging from her pouty lips – she loves to smoke and did so throughout her set – even handing one out to the crowd which was passed around in the front! (i need to quit smoking myself but damn i enjoy it so much – even knowing it’ll probably kill me in the end – heck you only live once)

she started off wearing some kinda pin-striped blazer (designed by some dude from london) but that was quickly tossed aside as it started to get really hot in there – she was sweating profusely as was i because i was jumping around & rocking out (as best as one can packed in between a bunch of people) tossing my hands up and singing along especially to some of her hot classics like miss world & doll parts off hole‘s 1994 album live through this (one of the best albums ever – i can’t even begin to describe my personal feeling on that one!) along with two tracks off 1998’s celebrity skin – including the title cut and malibu!

the main point of the gig was to showcase her new album nobody’s daughter which still has not gotten a set release date which is a total shame since she has some great new tracks plus ms. love got help from producer linda perry who is beyond talented and has helped a lot of people nail hit tracks! (plus she had billy corgan‘s genius in the mix as well) courtney was totally playful and adorable up on stage even though her weight did concern me a bit – she’s way too thin – there’s no question about it (someone from the crowd screamed ‘eat a crouton’) but she wasn’t fucked up at all – totally sober – sipping on can of coca-cola! she was flanked by a full band (including one adorable guy named liam i believe) and cranked through pretty much her entire new album! (if girlfriend can toss on about 15lbs – she’ll be perfect!)

during her heartfelt ballad letter to god she looked really sad at the end and you could tell she was on the verge of tears – it’s a kick ass song but for sure on the reflective side of things and was penned by linda perry (and ms. love thanked her for the song before she kicked it off) she started to cry and was comforted by one of her gal band members – she quickly composed herself and got right back at rocking out! one song is totally stuck in my head – her new track pacific coast highway – i can’t wait to hear the official album version!

right now if you head over to her newly revamped website you can listen to her track dirty girls – i hope her new album gets released this year! by the end of the show which lasted about an hour and a half – i was drenched in sweat and totally beat – i headed outside with my new found way adorable friend & popbytes reader gil where we saw photographer david lachapelle (who i think is dating courtney but i thought he was gay – gosh i’m so confused on that whole issue…) along with jael from ANTM who was beyond friendly & approachable and told me i could quote her on saying she basically doesn’t give a flying fuck who thinks she’s crazy and she’d kick anyone’s ass but then hug them after she was done – she was totally awesome & simply gorgeous in person – she’s got a few projects in the works and even posed for some pictures with mr. gil who was about to pass out with excitement!

oh my word for me being way tired i just wrote a long ass post! overall i had an excellent time and for courtney love being 43 – bitch has still got it – i sometimes can’t put my finger on why i love her so much (along with why i have a tattoo in her honor) but let me just tell you – she fucking rocks and i will love her until the end – she just does it for me – skinny or plump! (like i always say i’ve got tori amos on my right & courtney love on my left) i hope at some point i’ll be able to meet up with ms. love and pick her brain a bit along with a little worship & praise – little ms. frances bean has one cool mom and i know wherever kurt cobain is – he’s smiling down on both courtney & frances (fuck all those damn conspiracy theories – i don’t buy it for a minute) i must give special shout outs to nic adler who was beyond gracious for helping me gain entry to the show – plus dallas souter who helped me secure the pictures & video posted here – it’s much appreciated! rock & blog on – and stay tuned here for the latest news on what ms. love is up to – popbytes freakin’ loves her! i’m over & out for tonight – i hope some of you will enjoy my lengthy post – xxoo!

PS once again for the record i stand 100% behind her first solo album from 2004 america’s sweetheart – being a total fan – i loved it!

stand up motherfucker clip pacific coast highway clip




stand up motherfucker

sunset marquis

miss world

dirty girls (pop & rock versions)

pacific coast highway

doll parts

letter to god

loser dust

car crash

celebrity skin


never go hungry again

for once in your life

happy ending story

nobody’s daughter

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  • Carrie

    Wish I could’ve been there! The video clips are great. The new songs sound amazing, so I can’t wait for the album to come out and hopefully some more tour dates! I really hope Courtney can stop in Virginia (Norfolk or Virginia Beach please) or Washington, DC so I can see her for my 5th time!

  • Valerie Reyes

    I was also at the show and right up front… I may have been standing right behind you… anywhoo… I agree, Courtney was amazing. I’ve seen her about 6 times. I will honestly say, this is the best performance that she has given. Her honesty really came through. You know that she has finally kicked some of those demons that have been haunting her for so long… she definitely does need to gain some weight back. Her arms were looking a quite thin.. very thin, but cest’ le vie… I have been a long time fan and I know this new record will definitely do her fans justice. I cannot wait for it to come out and see her again!

  • Adam

    Courtney love needs to hang it up. Those videos are pathetic. She comes off as such a fake.

  • indigo

    Adam Courtney Love gives a performance worthy of Dylan and you call her a fake, baring personal insults there’s not much I can say. But throw your record collecton sweetie you dont deserve to have it.