courtney love – alive & well!

courtney love – alive & well!
November 19, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

this is really good news! over at NME they are reporting that our dear courtney love is doing just fine – and has been whipping up some material for her second solo album release while doing rehab time in a california facility – with song titles like ‘the depths of my despair’, ‘my bedroom walls’, ‘sad but true’ and ‘how dirty girls get clean’ who can wait? especially that last title – how do dirty girls get clean?!? i still stand as a solid fan of her first solo album – last year’s brilliant america’s sweetheart – so i wanted to share with you all a track off that album that just rocks – sunset strip – this so should have been a single – it’s incredible and oh so los angeles – oh that sunset strip!

i’m am just thrilled that my dear courntney is hanging in there – and now the judge in her case is allowing her to finish her rehab in a ‘less strict’ outpatient program but she must stay away from bars and clubs plus he extended her probabtion until march 2007 and gave her a 10pm curfew – how funny that courtney must be home early – i have always stood by her – a little misunderstood by most – but popbytes reads her loud & clear – hang in there my dear courtney – you are gonna pull through all your bullshit and get back on top where you belong! popbytes doesn’t have a tattoo for just anyone…rock on – i’m outtie for now – xxoo

» listen to courtney love’s sunset strip (.mp3 10.1mb)