courteney cox & arquettes do the tripper

courteney cox & arquettes do the tripper
October 16, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! below is courteney cox-arquette and husband david arquette (along with sister patricia & rosanna – plus patricia’s hubby thomas jane) at the premiere for david’s new horror film the tripper (which stars a whole bunch of people alongside david, courtney & thomas including lukas haas, paul reubens, balthazar getty & jason mewes) and the plot is described as a group of friends head to a weekend-long concert for some fun, only to be stalked by a deranged killer well at least we know it will definitely be interesting with mr. arquette involved! i so adore his zany attitude and style o’ dress…check out that blood spattered white suite he is rockin’!

so is anyone else excited as i am for ms. cox-arquette’s return to television with her new show dirt that will premiere on F/X in january?!? the promos have been running heavily during nip/tuck and are set to my beloved peter gabriel‘s song digging in the dirt! courteney will play an editor at a trashy tabloid magazine! by the teasers this show could be our new sexy, sassy, fucked up good time TV when ‘nip/tuck’ concludes its 4th season (which is super hot at the moment) i might even been running a fun promotion for ‘dirt’ so keep your eyes peeled for that! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS just in case anyone is wondering where is pop whatevers…well last week i skipped the column since i was all up in disneyland and i’ve now decided to move ‘whatevers’ to wednesday…so do stay tuned!