congrats to julia roberts!

congrats to julia roberts!
November 28, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

the babes have arrived! phew! so all is okey-dokey with one of our fave leading ladies! julia had been confined to bed rest under doctor orders the last few weeks of her pregnancy (with camerman hubby danny moder) so im so glad all went swimmingly! she gave birth to healthy twins – a boy and a girl – and as much as i love her (and cant wait for both ‘closer’ and ‘oceans 12’) – i think (…actually i know!) she took the cake prize in odd baby names – sorry apple & mom gwynnie paltrow! see the new names below!

Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus Walter Moder

heck now she can maybe make it to the ‘oceans 12’ premiere! its to be a big to do on hollywood blvd – speaking of which i am currently in NY – so popbytes is a drop out of it – but DONT WORRY – i saw a plethora of movies on yes ‘wrong island’ which i will be telling you about very soon! i head to the city on tuesday! hope everyone had a great holiday! popbytes out on the east coast!