coming soon…oprah does ellen – clips!

coming soon…oprah does ellen – clips!
February 18, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everyone! is anyone else super excited to catch oprah winfrey‘s appearance this coming thursday (feb 22nd) on the ellen degeneres show?!? many special thanks to gary green who let me know about the fun teaser clips posted below! (read more about the show on gary’s blog…)

so i hope all my east coast friends are finally thawing out from their deep freeze! my poor friend lisa in pennsylvania had a rough time with tons of ice! yesterday in los angeles it hit a record high of 89 degrees…i swear it was like the middle of july and i was forced to turn on the AC! (maybe britney spears thought a shaved head would keep her cooler) today was more bearable but i ended up getting trapped inside playing rayman: raving rabbids on my nintendo wii…my pal kevin was right – the game is so darn addictive! i can’t express how impressed i am by the wii – it’s truly incredible and i think everyone should have one! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

video on rayman: raving rabbids