classy catherine deneuve in venice

classy catherine deneuve in venice
September 1, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! it’s friday night & the start of the holiday weekend! i’m pretty much over those VMAs – all the hype never quite lives up to the actual event…

anyways moving on…my dear blogger pal nathaniel from film experience hit me up with an email the other day since i mentioned i was in a blog slump mood…as a solution he told me maybe i should calm down with jessica simpson and then asked what’s my deal with her? oh gosh bless his heart – he just made me laugh out loud at myself! i’m guilty as charged of a little too much simpson gal action on here – not like crazy or anything but more than i probably should! of course ms. simpson is just such an easy target – something can always be said but on that note – let’s see how long i can hold off on posting about her or sister ashlee! one last bit though (i’m so sorry i can’t help myself with this one) you must check out her voice cracking this morning on the ‘today show’ – oh my word! ok at least i restrained myself from actually embedding the video here…

so when i came across these new pictures of legendary actress catherine deneuve at the kick-off for the 63rd venice film festival (she is head of the jury this year!) i thought i do really need to shake things up a bit here and feature some different cool people who actually have a 1000x more talent than some of our usual pop suspects!

she popped up just last weekend as well…i re-watched lars von trier‘s masterpiece dancer in the dark (2000) probably one of the most depressing musicals ever (yes there is such a thing) and stars my dear björk (sheer brilliance) and ms. deneuve is wonderful in a supporting role – plus just the other day my pal joey was raving about her in belle du jour (1967) which i haven’t seen (shame on me) but i’ve added it to my netflix queue – i need to have a mini-deneuve fest!

i was first amazed by ms. deneuve when i saw her in 1964’s very colorful the umbrellas of cherbourg…such a charming & sweet movie! please check that out if you haven’t seen it! in her 60s catherine is still gorgeous today and doesn’t look like she’s had a ton of work done – such a top-notch class act & talent…speaking of ‘work’ don’t forget she’ll be guest starring on the upcoming fourth season of nip/tuck which premieres this coming tuesday (sept 5th) – and get this ‘she will play a woman who wants her husband’s cremated ashes put in her breast implants’ – oh my word! doesn’t this show sound like a blast? oh i love it – wacky & outlandish TV at its very best!

please have a safe & fun weekend – don’t forget the blogger garage sale is tomorrow – and although it’s labor day – popbytes will still be working things here…so pop back in if you’re around! much thanks & love to nathaniel & catherine for helping me to realize there is a lot more going on than…um…those darn simpson sisters! popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo!