Christopher Lee and Hammer Dracula films!

Christopher Lee and Hammer Dracula films!
October 30, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everyone! so my good pal nathaniel over at film experience organized another blog-a-thon (last time we all did michelle pfeiffer) this time in the spirit of halloween and all things creepy & scary – it’s a vampire blog-a-thon – i was all stressed out since i love vampires and the whole dracula story but i wasn’t sure what i would feature…

then it hit me over the head – like a hammer…ah yes i’ve got it…christopher lee as count dracula in the hammer films of the sixties & early seventies! i remember watching these films as a kid and i always enjoyed the over the top campiness of these films – plus you cannot get a creepier actor than mr. lee to don the vampire fangs! below is a quick list of some of the main lee/hammer/dracula films – most are available on DVD and i would highly recommend checking them out if you are a horror fan! popbytes over & out for now – and make sure to check out some of the other sites participating in the vampire blog-a-thon!

horror of dracula 1958
the brides of dracula 1960
dracula, prince of darkness 1966
dracula has risen from the grave 1968
taste the blood of dracula 1969
scars of dracula 1970
dracula – a.d. 1972
satanic rites of dracula 1973