christina shows her glamour in hungary!

christina shows her glamour in hungary!
November 20, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

UPDATE ok i made a mistake! the cover below is from hungary not bulgaria…a bunch of commenters filled me in that the language below is actually hungarian – sorry for the snafu!

oh hello hello hello…it’s getting rather late here and i’m just so done with today! but i wanted to check-in with you all – and also show you a radiant christina aguilera (yet with a drop of that whole ‘dead doll’ look) on the cover of glamour magazine – the bulgarian hungarian edition! who knew that magazine went so global? an extra special congrats go out to christina and hubby jordan bratman who recently celebrated their one year anniversary…365 days & counting – that union will soon be listed in the hollywood records book!

the big story of the day was all about michael richards (star of ‘seinfeld’) and his racially charged tirade at a los angeles comedy club – i was never a fan of that show (i know someone go ahead slap me silly) i really could care less about the whole flap – he’s a washed up actor who said some very stupid and ignorant shit (oh yes the apology came lightening fast just as fast as the story exploded all over the web like a nasty stain) i simply couldn’t be bothered making a whole post over it! who cares what he thinks or says? if i never heard about his ‘has been’ ass again – i wouldn’t even realize he had gone missing! next…

there are much more fun & light stories like the whole kelly ripa & clay aiken incident…what a dumb ass he is for trying to cover up her mouth with his nasty little hand! ugh – he makes me want to stick my finger down my throat – poor kelly ripa! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!