Christina Aguilera: “Hurt” music video!

Christina Aguilera: “Hurt” music video!
October 17, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! it’s here – the brand new christina aguilera video for hurt which is her second single off her kickin’ album back to basics…i just love the song – amazing ballad and really fun video with the whole circus theme! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

During the Linda Perry/Christina Aguilera recording session of Back to Basics, Aguilera asked Perry to help her write a song about losing someone, as she felt that it was yet a subject to tackle in her music. Perry was very open with this idea and thought she could relate to it really well because she had just recently lost her father.

Linda Perry wrote out most of the lyrics to “Hurt” before showing it to Aguilera. Aguilera however thought it was too much of a personal song for Perry, because of many references to Perry’s dad loss. Christina then decided she wanted to change some of the lyrics, so she took the song, and re-wrote many of the words to make it more appealing to any listener who lost a loved one in their life. Although it is not known if the original version of Perry’s song was ever recorded, the one that made the album cut was the version co-written by both Aguilera and Perry.