Christina Hendricks cast in Showtime’s ‘Roadies’

Christina Hendricks cast in Showtime’s ‘Roadies’
December 17, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Christina Hendricks

True story here: When I was a teenager, back when I had long hippy hair, one of the guys I worked with used to tell me that I looked like the kid from 2000’s Almost Famous. I had absolutely no idea if that was a compliment or just an observation in general; I just liked the attention. Anyway, I ended up watching it and it turns out Almost Famous (directed by Cameron Crowe_ was actually one of the best movies ever made. I say this because Crowe is going back to the travelling musician well for Roadies, a new Showtime comedy pilot which will star Christina Hendricks–because the answer to “How can this be even better?” will always be “Christina Hendricks’ boobs” Deadline reports …

Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks is set to star opposite Luke Wilson and Imogen Poots in Showtime‘s hourlong comedy pilot Roadies, written, directed and executive produced by Cameron Crowe and executive produced by Winnie Holzman and J.J. Abrams. Roadies follows the day-to-day life of a successful rock tour as seen through the eyes of the crew members who help get the show on the road. Hendricks will play Shelli, the band’s production manager – Bill’s (Wilson) ingenious work partner, tough, but privately emotional, married to her job… and scary-good at it. Rafe Spall, Peter Cambor and Keisha Castle-Hughes co-star in the pilot, which will shoot in Vancouver in early 2015.

Honestly? I can get behind this. I’m not sure if you noticed, but since NBC has killed off their Thursday night comedy line-ups, and every other networks is purging the fun from their systems like they’re on a grimmification cleanse, any new comedy is more than welcome. One that happens to be from Crowe and Christina is like asking for a bike for Christmas and getting a Harley.

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