Chris Brown’s probation drama continues …

Chris Brown’s probation drama continues …
July 15, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Chris Brown

Because I’m assuming someone in California woke up one day and remembered, “Oh that’s right, Chris Brown assaulted his girlfriend and we totally let him off the hook, didn’t we?” It seems the D.A. is trying to revoke Chris’ probation in light of his recent hit and run allegation. TMZ reports …

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, the D.A. is asking for the revocation based on charges being filed against Brown in connection with a hit-and-run last May. Brown left the scene without forking over a California driver’s license and proper insurance info. The D.A.’s legal docs claim Brown “willfully and unlawfully” broke the law in the hit-and-run case. And, law enforcement sources tell us, even if the L.A. City Attorney ultimately agrees to drop the hit-and-run case because the victim doesn’t want Brown prosecuted, the D.A. will press on because Brown has a duty to obey all laws as a condition to his probation.

For the record, it’s looking more and more like the victim of Chris’ alleged hit and run probably won’t press charges, but the D.A. is pushing forward on this. Which is good for him, because someone needs to finally hold him accountable, but who are we kidding? Chris is a celebrity living in Los Angeles. I’m pretty sure they’ll let him off without a single warning as long as Chris promises to listen to their demo tapes. “It’s like a mix of hip-hop and dubstep, with a little of that New Jack Swing, but-oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be presiding over this manslaughter case. One second. GUILTY! *Slams gavel*

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