Chris Brown might be associated with a street gang?

Chris Brown might be associated with a street gang?
August 26, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Chris Brown

Apparently, there’s been some speculation as to whether or not Chris Brown was associated with The Bloods, because at this point being a part of one of the most notorious gangs in Los Angeles would be a lateral move for his PR. If this story from TMZ is to be believed, Chris signed some street art of his with “Fruits Piru” which is allegedly a call out to The Bloods. Good to know …

Sources tell TMZ, Brown was in Honolulu Thursday, where he hired a guide to take him and his entourage around to places where they could legally spray paint. Keeping it “legal” was responsible, but then Brown tagged up his signature monster artwork with the phrase “Fruits Piru,” an apparent reference to the Fruit Town Piru gang … next to the phrase, “F*** police.” Brown’s even been claiming Piru on Twitter. He’s gotten so cocky, he called out Jay Z for not letting Beyoncé collaborate with him, and bragging he’s not worried about Mr. Z because he’s got Blood ties.

I never thought I would say this, but that street gang can do better than him.

Bloods: So Chris, how hardcore are you?
Chris: The mean interview lady asked me a question I didn’t like, so I threw a chair at a window and took my shirt off.
Bloods: Okay then. Anything else?
Chris: I got in a fight with the guy from Degrassi, and I got a booboo on my chin, so I posted a picture of it on Twitter.
Bloods: Well. Tell ya what, we’ll look over your application, and we’ll get back to you. Cool beans?

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