Chris Brown is being sued over his Frank Ocean fight

Chris Brown is being sued over his Frank Ocean fight
August 14, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Chris Brown

You might remember back at the very beginning of the year, Chris Brown got into a fight with Frank Ocean over a parking space. Because Chris is a mature individual like that. Well, now he’s finally being sued over it by Ocean’s cousin because he suffered a concussion during the fight. Via Radio

The January fight between Ocean and Brown reportedly started after Brown parked in Ocean’s parking spot outside of a Westlake Recording Studio in Hollywood, California. A police report stated that after Ocean refused to shake Brown’s hand, Brown punched Ocean in the face and members of each person’s entourage started fighting, including Duarte. Billboard, via The Associated Press, reports that the suit claims Duarte suffered a concussion as well as humiliation and mental anguish as a result of the attack. The suit also claims that Brown taunted Duarte and threatened that the fight could escalate into a shooting.

Man, doesn’t Frank’s cousin know that this is how you give people seizures? I swear, it’s like a guy can’t just straight up punch another guy for no discernible reason without receiving all this hate and negativity. I just wish Frank’s cousin would focus on the music instead of that concussion he got. This is the kind of negativity that might make Chris have to retire as a multi-millionaire in his early twenties. He has seriously had a rough go of it … poor guy.

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