Chelsea Handler vs. Perez Hilton: It’s on!

Chelsea Handler vs. Perez Hilton: It’s on!
September 13, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Twitter wars – because they’re not just for twinks anymore! Anyway, Chelsea Handler and Perez Hilton were fighting on the least dignified form of social media possible after Perez decided that Ryan Seacrest‘s bland, self-congratulating form of ‘hosting’ would have been better for the VMAs than the legitimately funny and delightfully bitchy Handler. From there, shit hit the fan …

(PerezHilton) @RyanSeacrest I think you should host the VMAs next year! Or ME! Ha! We both would have done a better job than Chelsea did!

(ChelseaHandler) @perezhilton oh, fuck off. I had a blast and the show awesome last night. Bomb? Your life is a bomb.

(PerezHilton) @chelseahandler At least I didn’t have to fuck my way to a talk show and sleep with the head of the network. #TedHarbert

(PerezHilton) @chelseahandler And who’d you blow to get the VMA hosting gig? I’m more than happy with my bomb life. It’s da bomb.com! xo

(ChelseaHandler) Just got word…Highest rated vma’s since 2002. Good job, mtv! Good job, kiddo.

(PerezHilton) @ChelseaHandler I still think you’re usually very funny – and you probably have a larger penis than me! xoxo

I’m going to go ahead and award this one to Chelsea. She was funny last night, and she managed to pull in the highest rated VMA show since MTV stopped airing music videos. And come on, like sleeping your way to a job is that bad. Are you kidding? You think I got this primo gig by having talent and brains? Ha ha! Talent and brains are for ugly people.