check-in to the moby hotel!

check-in to the moby hotel!
February 16, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey boys + girls! popbytes was lucky enough to get an advance copy of moby’s latest musical adventure – entitled hotel it is an eclectic mix that only mr. moby could produce! i am really enjoying this album and i think you will too! plus to boot he launched this crazy cool ass site that is so much fun to play around in – all focused on the new album – it’s an interactive flash hotel – you absolutely must ‘check-in’ and check it all out – and you can preview the album, watch some videos, so kick up your feet and settle into a refreshing stay at mobyhotel.com! he is so cute that moby – i love him! popbytes out for now! xxoo

his new album, ‘hotel’, certainly continues in moby’s tradition of making beautifully eclectic records. it runs the gamut from quiet instrumentals (‘hotel intro’, ‘homeward angel’) to big-chorus stadium anthems (‘spiders’, ‘lift me up’) to straight-forward electro-disco (‘very’) to ballads (‘anyone but you’, ‘forever’), to new-wave (‘where you end’), and everything in between. moby has, as always, played every instrument on the cd (except for the live drums…his friend scott fassetto did that…) and done all of the production. moby also sings on almost every song, although he is joined on a few songs by his friend laura dawn, who is the creative events director for moveon.org.

to complete the idiosyncratic diversity of this package, ‘hotel’ is accompanied by ‘hotel-ambient’,a beautiful and atmospheric collection of instrumentals that will relax even the most neurotic insomniac. oh, one last thing,whereas moby’s past records have relied heavily on samples, this record is actually completely sample-free.

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