Charlie Sheen Caught Something…

Charlie Sheen Caught Something…
January 13, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

So to the shock and surprise of absolutely no one, Charlie Sheen may have an infection following his coke-fueled bender with a trio of pornstars. Well, actually, it’s actually just an ear infection, but that’s just what happens when you let that Nazi whore that Jesse James banged stick her tongue in your ear. Get tested regularly, kids!

TMZ has confirmed … a doctor from Warner Bros. is with Charlie and he really does have what we’re told is a “serious, ongoing ear problem.”
The Warner Bros. doctor got in the act because the insurance policy covering the show requires it.
Charlie has gone to his own doctor for the problem, but it’s legit. SOURCE

Yeah, that sounds about right. Hell, considering that he spent the better part of a bender with Bombshell McGee, AKA Hitler’s Side-Pussy, I’m just surprised he didn’t catch the Bubonic Plague.

Charlie: Hmmmm… Why are my balls itchy? And why did my arm just fall off?

Bombshell: Oh yeah, about that… You may want to see a doctor before your dick rots off.

Charlie: Ah, no worries. I make over a million dollars per episode, I can just buy a new dick. Pass the coke, would ya? *SNORT*