Charlie XCX + Rita Ora = “Doing It”

Charlie XCX + Rita Ora = “Doing It”
January 30, 2015 JEREMY FEIST

Charlie XCX + Rita Ora = "Doing It"

My favorite thing about the web — other than bitchy fashion blogs and Drag Race .GIFs (oh and porn) is the fact that it really does function as a great equalizer when it comes to media. It used be that if you wanted to get played, you had to have a label behind you to do all your PR. Nowadays, Twitter and Tumblr are easily viable options willing to share lesser known artists who actually make great songs. Granted, you still need luck, but at least the playing field is slightly more leveled. Anyway, all this to say that I’m very happy that Charli XCX has found a foothole in modern pop, and her latest Sucker single “Doing It,” featuring Rita Ora, is supremely catchy and fun.

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