Princess Leia just outed John Travolta!

Princess Leia just outed John Travolta!
December 13, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

In a recent interview with The Advocate to promote her HBO special, Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher finally spilled the beans about where John Travolta likes to stick his cock (Side-note: John Travolta’s cock? Barf). To the surprise of absolutely no one, John Travolta actually enjoys the company of other men. And by “company” I mean “penises”.

The Advocate: In the September 2009 issue of Out, you participated in its monthly Can I Be Blunt? column by sharing 10 things that gay men should know about straight women. One of those things was, “We don’t really care that John Travolta is gay.” I know you and Travolta go way back, so let’s get really blunt here: Does his legal team have any business demanding Gawker remove a recent post suggesting that he’s given blow jobs?

Carrie Fisher: Wow! I mean, my feeling about John has always been that we know and we don’t care. Look, I’m sorry that he’s uncomfortable with it, and that’s all I can say. It only draws more attention to it when you make that kind of legal fuss. Just leave it be. SOURCE

Oh come on, you couldn’t have told us this thirty years ago when John Travolta was hot? Before his body was ruined by Scientology and deep-fried Pop-tarts wrapped in bacon? Well, congrats on being on the winning team, John. Now the only closeted Hollywood homo who believes in space ghosts left is [REDACTED FOR LEGAL REASONS AND ALSO BECAUSE I’M NOT GAY. – TC]. Wow, Tommy has really streamlined the process, hasn’t he?