Cameron Diaz is still talking about her vagina

Cameron Diaz is still talking about her vagina
March 5, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Cameron Diaz

My boyfriend and I once caught Cameron Diaz plugging her body book once on a talkshow — I think it was Ellen, but don’t quote me on that — and since my boyfriend actually has a degree in human biology, I asked him if anything she was saying made sense. For the most part, she actually did know what she was talking about, but she just had a habit of oversimplifying the language so much that it dumbed the whole thing down. Which is all my way of saying that Cameron actually has some understanding of biology, albeit a bit of a simple one. Anyway, here she is talking to Chelsea Handler about getting to know your vagina, which sounds good until she literally says her vagina is hungry. As I said: Keep it simple, but not that simple.

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